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In recent years after changes occur in health insurance, many people are shopping for health insurance online and looking for agents who can clear their doubts and find the best plan for them. The Data Central generates thousands of health insurance leads in every state and from all types of consumers. Our great filters and buyer dashboard make it easy to target the exact health insurance leads you want. The data we cover:

  • Health Insurance Leads US USPS Verified Postal Mailing Records
  • Real-Time Health Insurance Leads Targeted Email Lists
  • Health Insurance Leads Live Transfer Mobile Lists
  • Live Transfer Health Insurance Leads Aged Internet Leads
  • Best Health Insurance Leads And, Custom Solution

Key Benefits Of Using Our Service

Generation of effective leads

Through our proven health insurance lead generation methods, we leverage the latest sales lead technology and consistent protocols, so that closing qualified leads is easier than ever before.

Quick response

Our goal is to provide high-qualified leads with accurate information about their application status. You can reach your health insurance leads in USA anytime, anywhere.

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Why Choose Us?

With thousands of clients seeking home equity, refinance, or loan-based health insurance leads in USA. We are also an industry leader in health insurance lead services. To meet the needs of our clients, we integrate our marketing system easily with the most widely used CRM systems.


Aged Health Insurance Leads

Instant Access

Access our user friendly portal 24 hours a day to download your files instantly!

Health Insurance Live Transfer Leads

Simple Plans

Plans start from $50.00 Monthly. We provide you with an easy to use online interface with no contracts and no hidden fees.

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Support 24/7

Toll free (855)514-0900 and Email

Still Not Sure?

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Extensive Filters

We have the most popular filters so that you can discover your ideal prospect easily and securely. We offer over 30 GEO as well as criteria filters to choose from between the consumer and business file!

Live Transfer Health Insurance Data
Health Insurance Leads Generation Company

Data Flexibility

You will have access to both Consumer and Business files with any data package you choose. Also can download it in real-time with full contact information, including email.

DNC Compliant

Consumer file has a filter for choosing DNC Compliant Data! Get more and more leads and sales opportunities through our telemarketing phone lists. We can connect you with top-level business contacts or residential consumers through their home, office, or cell phone number.

Health Insurance Data Leads Providers
US Health Insurance Leads Generation

Regular Updates

Our Health Insurance Leads in US data is updated regularly to ensure you have an industry-leading connectivity rate! Also, we can provide you with targeted data that will definitely be the best for your business.

High-intent Live Transfer Health Insurance Leads

Our live transfer health insurance leads involve transferring a prospect to an agent on the phone in real-time. This direct connection between the prospect and the agent ensures that the agent can answer any questions and close the sale quickly and efficiently. These leads are typically generated through online channels and qualified before being transferred to you. This ensures that you speak with interested and qualified individuals. Our live transfer health insurance leads are a perfect way to start your search for new insurance customers!

Grow Your Business With Health Insurance Lead Generation Company

Search Engine Optimization

Let our health insurance lead generation firm help you produce targeted leads for a health insurance lead refinance. To enable new potential health insurance lead borrowers to find your brand, we develop your local SEO framework, optimize your Google My Business, and monitor your search rankings.

Marketing With Videos

Boost your health insurance lead generation campaign with video marketing. You can use video to communicate your brand message through our health insurance lead generation agency's health insurance news updates, introductory messages, and many more.

Email Marketing

Sending email marketing campaigns to your existing clients, prospects, and business partners will keep you connected. Regular emails are sent to your subscribers to demonstrate the value of your health insurance lead and refinance services to generate more leads for your business.

Advertising on Social Media

Health insurance lead social media marketing is essential for generating leads for health insurance lenders. With the help of Facebook lead generation content, timely industry news, and interaction with your followers, we maximize your commercial and real estate health insurance leads.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do customers find me through your services?

By using variety of ways and also by using geographic filters, we get the customers in your area. We make sure that we can find as many as places as possible where your potential customers are looking for you so that they can connect with you in real-time.


Why should I choose your company?

We have a dedicated team that works on finding new ways to generate leads for our clients. Because of this, we can offer an unmatched level of service when it comes to finding good leads for your business.

Health Insurance Sales Leads

Benefits Of Live Transfer Health Insurance Leads

Increased conversion rates

The leads you receive are pre-qualified and interested in purchasing health insurance, making it easier to close sales.


Since leads are transferred to you in real-time, you don't have to search for potential clients.


By only speaking with qualified leads, you can save money on marketing costs and focus on closing sales.

Consumer Filters

Get your customized list of consumer leads today, and contact your target audience. With great filters and no add-on fees. Download everything or anything with plans starting at $50/month. Our user-friendly website gives you hassle-free and affordable choices without any contract or additional fees.

Ethinic Filters

  • Language
  • Ethinicity
  • Religion

Phone Filters

  • Honour Do Not Call
  • Phone Type

Housing Filters

  • Home Ownership
  • Dwelling Type
  • Swimming Pool
  • Veteran In Household

Geography Filters

  • By State
  • Country
  • City
  • Zip Code

Finance Filters

  • Credit Rating
  • Net Worth
  • Investments - Real Estate

Consumer Filters

  • Age
  • Birth Year
  • Birth Day
  • Birth Month
  • Marital Status

Business Filters

Get your customized list of business leads and contact your target audience. We have great filters from which you can download anything and everything with plans starting at $50/month. Our user-friendly website gives you hassle-free and affordable choices without any contract or additional fees.

Geography Filters

  • By State
  • Country
  • City
  • Zip Code

Business Filters

  • Sic Code
  • Sales Volume
  • Number Of Employees

Want To Get Health Insurance Leads And Close More Sales?

The Data Central is a lead generation firm offering health insurance lead generation services and financial marketing solutions to local and financial institutions. We assist you in boosting your goal marketplace and developing facts on how to enhance health insurance lead generation efficiently.

For health insurance leads in USA, we follow a simple process that includes -

Plan customization and selection

As a team, we aim to ensure that you are satisfied with the volume of health insurance leads you are looking for while keeping your budget.

Setting up an effective lead generation campaign

Our second step is to set up the landing pages and advertisements based on the pre-scheduled budget.

You’ll receive direct leads

Upon successful setting up the campaign, you will start receiving the leads that are qualified.

Why Do Lenders Buy Internet Health Insurance Leads?

To increase the health insurance leads business, every lender buys health insurance leads which benefits a lot. Like as-

Lead generation on the internet for health insurance is one of the hottest commodities in the lending industry today. Here are some of the reasons that depict why lenders buy internet health insurance leads-


The Data Central offers updated and high-quality 100,000 leads at a reasonable rate.


If you want to spend less and get more, you are at the right place. The Data Central provides leads at an affordable price, starting with just $50 for 100,000 leads.

A+ Customer Service

We offer great customer service around the clock. If you have any inquiries, contact us now!

Our Plans

Name Price Leads Order
Starter Package $50.00 USD Monthly 100,000 leads per month
Bronze Package $100.00 USD Monthly 250,000 leads per month
Silver Package $250.00 USD Monthly 1 million leads per month
Gold Package $500.00 USD Monthly 2.5 million leads per month
Platinum Package $1,000.00 USD Monthly 6 million leads per month

Starter Package

$50.00 USD Monthly 100,000 leads per month

Bronze Package

$100.00 USD Monthly 250,000 leads per month

Silver Package

$250.00 USD Monthly 1 million leads per month

Gold Package

$500.00 USD Monthly 2.5 million leads per month

Platinum Package

$1,000.00 USD Monthly 6 million leads per month